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We have a fully equipped service facility, with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and trained technicians. No matter how complicated the task presented to us is, our qualified team has the right solution for all your auto repair needs in the Las Vegas Valley and all surrounding areas.

Our Services include (but not limited to)

  • Check Engine light
  • Service Engine Soon light
  • BMW Coding
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Cooling System Services
  • Suspension
  • Performance Modifications
  • Alignments
  • Safety Restraint System
  • Drive Train Service
  • Brake Service
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Steering Column
  • Brake System
  • And many more BMW & Mini Services!

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dyno service


Utilizing our Dynocom 5000 2wd chassis dyno, Southwest Bimmers can quickly and accurately give you the correct rear wheel horsepower and torque numbers for your vehicle. Wideband air/fuel testing is also available and dyno rental on an hourly or daily basis is welcome.

Our in-house Dynocom 5000 dyno is the perfect tool to benchmark your BMW or MINI. Based on the Dynocom 5000, the 5000 offers the simplicity and ease of use of an “inertia only dyno”, along with advanced testing capabilities of a Eddy Current load style dyno. Perform A-to-B comparison tests to quantify gains from various performance products, or enable the load control feature to perform step, sweep, or road load simulations, being much more effecting than “street tuning”.

When performing loaded testing, the Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit option utilizes an integrated Torque Cell to quantify power absorption in an ultra precise and consistent manner. The eddy current unit attaches to the roller drum by way of a splined shaft, for the utmost in reliability, consistency and repeatability.

After a dyno session, we will provide you with highly detailed feedback and information about your car’s performance. Accurate readings such as horsepower, torque, boost pressure, exhaust temperature, air/fuel ratio and more will allow you to see your cars improved performance when your new modifications are installed.

Model 5000 Specifications:

  • Maximum Horsepower: 1500 HP
  • Maximum Speed: 175+ MPH
  • Maximum Torque: 2000 ft/lbs
  • Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, Torque Cell, and dynamic load control software.
  • Capable of performing loaded tests, including step, sweep, and wind drag simulation.

The Dynocom 5000 can perform load tests including step, sweep and loaded roll-on.

Atmospheric Sensing Module The Atmospheric Sensing Module measures absolute pressure, air temperature, and relative humidity. These measurements are used by the Dynocom software to correct power and torque measurements to standard atmospheric conditions according to an SAE, Standard, DIN, JIS, or EEC formula.

WideBand Air/Fuel Ratio System Tuning with a Dynocom dynamometer has never been easier! With the addition of our WideBand Air/Fuel Ratio System, every dyno run can show you horsepower and torque, and the exact air/fuel ratio. This system is one of the most insightful tuning tools available today! You can easily identify lean or rich trends from idle to redline. Whether tuning a naturally aspirated “all motor” car, or a forced induction screamer, you will know the tune is right.

Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit When performing loaded testing, the Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit option utilizes an integrated Torque Cell to quantify power absorption in an ultra precise and consistent manner. Loaded test files are then available for review and analysis in the Dynocom software. During a steady state test the dynamometer operator can view torque in “real time”, a great feature when performing live ECM tuning. Additional highlights of this system include a quick and effective calibration routine that can be accomplished in under a few minutes.

OBDII Bluetooth Module This new device, provides real time data from the OBDII port on all 1996 and newer vehicles. This data is available to be viewed live in the dynamometer software, and is also recorded into the dyno run. Imagine being able to review OBDII data, such as spark advance, throttle position, engine coolant temperatures, inlet air temperature, calculated load, and numerous other parameters right along side your dyno results. In order to see the full spectrum when it comes to tuning a vehicle, your results are only as good as your data. The data from a Dynocom dyno is the baseline against which all other results must be measured. Powertrain management systems in modern vehicles are very complex and can make it difficult to attain repeatable results. This isn’t just a typical OBDII datalogger, but rather a device that covers all 1996+ vehicles and protocols with unparalleled speed.

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