Being able to drive in a straight line is often taken for granted. There is a lot that goes into making sure your wheels are correctly aligned with the rest of your steering system. Here at Southwest Bimmers, our BMW Master Technicians will make sure your wheels are on straight and ready to go.

Maybe you’ve experienced some of these symptoms:
– Excessive vibrations from your steering wheel
– Your steering wheel pulls to the left or right
– You are driving straight and your steering wheel is not centered

How can your wheels become misaligned?
– Daily driving (normal wear on your steering mechanisms)
– Hitting a pothole
– Dropping off a curb

Making sure your wheels are aligned is a major part of wheel maintenance and auto maintenance in general. This is where your rubber literally meets the road and its best. Having your wheels properly aligned will also improve your gas mileage by decreasing your wheels resistance against the road.

Mini Cooper Wheel Alignment in Las Vegas, NV

Even if you think your wheels might be slightly misaligned, you should bring your vehicle into Southwest Bimmers where we conduct a courtesy check for every service or repair we perform on your vehicle. We can then check for uneven wear and tear on your tires which can be an indication of misaligned wheels. Can’t stop by today? No problem, give us a call or conveniently schedule an appointment online.

Maybe it’s not that your wheels are out of alignment, they could be out of balance. We’ll take a look and help you determine the right course of action. Both balance and alignment can drastically impact the smoothness of your drive as well as mpg. So if it’s been awhile since you’ve brought your car in for an oil change or other regularly scheduled maintenance service, we’ll perform our courtesy check to see if your wheels need to be balanced or aligned anytime you come in for service.

Come on in and we’ll give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for when it comes to all your high performance automotive needs.

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